Why Calorie Counting is NOT Sustainable

Sorry to burst your bubble 🤷‍♀️⁠

But I’m about to get real with you about calories and calorie counting…

If all you are doing is focusing on calories rather than the QUALITY of food, then you will not see the long term health results you want.⁠ Sure you may see some pounds come off but that does not indicate a healthy body on the INSIDE. Calorie restriction often leaves us hungry and encourages a negative/unhealthy relationship with food — with many people trying to go “calorie negative” by exercising until they have burned more calories than they have eaten. I totally used to be one of those people 🙋

So why doesn’t it work?

I’ll tell you – because not all calories are created equal. Foods have varying calorie density. And unfortunately in the society we live in today, a lot of that food is processed.

Food processing actually increases calorie density by removing fiber/water and adding sugar/fat . As a result, the weight and bulk of that food decreases but the calories increase. This means it will take up less space in your stomach but give you more calories 👎🏻 your hunger signals get all out of wack because your body is getting high calories but with no bulk.
Real, whole foods that have not been processed (or minimally) have their natural calorie density and bulk. These foods take up the right amount of space in your stomach and still contain their natural fiber and water content (all of which help you feel full). And the great thing about eating real, natural foods is that you can eat MORE while still seeing results on the outside and inside.
Calories do not matter. The quality of the food is what matters.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life calorie counting? That’s not sustainable. Just change the food you eat and you’ll never have to count calories again.

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