Code Names for Sugar: Shopping Smart

Finding healthy products on store shelves seems to be getting more and more difficult. Companies like to put all their “healthy” claims on the front of their packaging such as:⁠

“Low-Sugar” ⁠
“Low-Carb” ⁠
“Healthy” ⁠
“Nutritious” ⁠
“Smart choice” ⁠
“Healthier choice” ⁠
“Whole” ⁠
“All-natural” ⁠
“Sugar-free” ⁠
“No high fructose corn syrup”⁠

In addition, they usually try to make it look healthy by using certain colors such as green or designs like leaves. ⁠

This is all in an effort to get you to pick up the product and place it in your cart without looking at the ingredient label. Don’t let clever packaging fool you! ⁠

Always check your ingredient labels for added ingredients – specifically sugars. Sugar, fat, and salt are very commonly added to processed and packaged foods.

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