Go Plant-Based and Eat Dessert Every Day

Yes, you can eat dessert every day and still achieve your health or weight loss goals. ⁠

I’m a big dessert gal if you can’t tell lol. I’m also a Holistic Nutritionist, both living and teaching a primarily whole, plant-based diet and lifestyle. I’m in good health and maintain a comfortable weight. And guess what? I eat dessert. Like, A LOT. ⁠

Lemme tell you – following a primarily whole foods, plant-based lifestyle opens up SO many possibilities, one of which is eating healthy desserts regularly.⁠

Now of course when I say “dessert” I don’t mean unhealthy, traditionally made desserts that are filled with bleached white flours and refined sugars. No I’m talkin HOMEMADE desserts made using real, whole, and primarily plant-based ingredients that taste just as good. And I don’t mean eating 10 cookies at once or half a pan of brownies.⁠

When combined with a primarily plant-based diet, dessert can be eaten regularly and actually aid in improved health and weight over the long term. It can help satisfy cravings and keep you on track by not forcing extreme deprivation and triggering cravings (often leading to binge eating or quitting a diet). It can also even help fill in nutrient gaps. Take my black bean brownies for example, that are made with beans and oats and pack in tons of fiber.⁠

You don’t have to give up desserts in order to reach your health goals. If you are ready to switch to a diet and lifestyle that allows you eat desserts on a regular basis then let’s chat. ⁠

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